Ka Nui Taku Aroha

I thought I loved my first born child, and I did. I wondered when I was pregnant again if I could possibly love another child as much, and I realised that love is deeper, wider and broader than just one person, and I was able to love her just as much. And then my moko was born and I felt a love even stronger and more protective than either of those ever felt. It's not a case of loving more, it is just a different and overwhelming love than I had ever felt before.

The love I felt for his Māmā and Pāpā changed as I became more and more proud of what they are providing for my moko as he grows and develops. The pride I felt when my own babies met their milestones has doubled as I watch them feeding, changing, caring for, loving, and providing a safe and secure whare for our precious tāonga.

My heart swells as I watch my daughter love my moko. It is heart warming not only because I know I was a part of her ability to give and receive love and affection, but also because of the joy it brings to her and to him and the knowledge that this is making a difference to his future success as himself. He knows he is loved, safe and secure.

The look on my moko's face when he sees his Pāpā and the look his Pāpā gives him are everything. The eye contact shows the emotional connection is strong, I can see the love between them and I can already imagine him toddling along behind wanting to part of everything and asking a thousand curious questions.

As I have watched other whānau fall in love with him there is something magical and it brings unexpected surprises and emotions. As they develop their relationships with him I can see how he will be a little part of everyone who is contributing to who he is going to be. And what a special someone he is going to be. We've got this whānau and friends, this village has got this!

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