Chicken Stir-fry with Coconut Rice


- Chicken thighs

- Coconut flakes/chips/whatever you have

- White rice

- Coconut milk

- Sugar

- Water

- Soy sauce

- Fish sauce

- Sweet chilli sauce

- Cabbage

- Carrot

- Capsicum

- Spinach

- Salt


1. Toast your coconut in a dry pan and reserve for later

2. Put 1 3/4 cups rice, can of coconut milk, 1/4 cup sugar, salt, and empty can full of water into pot and bring to boil

3. Chop chicken and brown in same fry pan (no need to wash in between)

4. Chop veges

5. Once boiling, stir rice and bring down to medium heat and cook with lid on until no more liquid

6. Add veges to chicken, lightly fry

7. Add a few drops of fish oil (roughly half tsp), and a generous drizzle of soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce (roughly 2 Tbspn of each)

8. Cook for roughly 10 minutes or until veges are done

9. Remove rice from heat when no liquid left and let steam for a few minutes

10. Serve stir fry over rice and top with toasted coconut.


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