Behind our little pākihi we have myself (Jaime), my partner (Jamaica), my son (Mātai), Nanny Debs and Koro Lee. Nanny Debs and I are pākehā, Jamaica and Mātai are Tainui and Koro Lee is from Te Arawa. Between the 5 of us we have 4 investors, 1 model, 2 blog writers, 1 creative director, 1 administrator, and 2 directors.


After the birth of our pēpi we became acutely aware of the lack of Nanny's and Koro's being included in the NZ clothing market. This directly impacted our whānau and inspired us to create The Porky Pēpi Collection. 


We knew if we were going to add to an already crowded clothing industry it had to be environmentally friendly to sit right with us. We use organic cotton onesies and print with water based inks. 

We hope to expand our range to include other Grandparent titles and sizes for bigger tamariki in the near future. For now we have had to be picky with our initial investment but with your help we will be able to expand our range to accommodate your own special Nan, Papa, or whatever your tamariki call their kaumātua.


I have always been someone with too many words to say and not enough people to listen. I hope sharing my motherhood journey here will give me a space to express, and you a space to laugh with me as we all learn and explore the everyday challenges being a māmā brings. 

As I ventured into my own motherhood journey I was acutely aware that the information I was reading was all American or UK based experiences and had less relevance in Aotearoa. Not only that but they were missing crucial parts of reality with a baby. I am no expert in raising children but provide a local perspective with raw and real experiences of what being a Māmā entails.

Milky māmā, Porky Pēpi will use basic Te Reo Maori and it is my hope that I will improve and so will the language used in the blog. We use this Reo at home with our son in the hopes he will continue throughout his life and begin with a better understanding of Te Reo Maori than we started with.

Milky māmā, Porky pēpi will also talk about eco-friendly māmā methods that we use in our day-to-day lives. We can all do our small piece to protect Papatūānuku and I hope sharing can help others to incorporate some new ways too.

Any brands or products mentioned are genuinely tested and loved, including our own.

Wānanga ipurangi

We're all about free resources and what better resource than someone who has lived through or is going through the same thing as you. This is a space we envision having everyone able to access to tautoko one another through the highs and lows of māmāhood.


Pātai about anything that you like. We have created categories based on the ages of our tamariki as some things like sleep and kai will be slightly different based on the age so you can jump in where it's relevant for you.


Feel free to skip ahead to see what might be coming for you or skip back to awhi another māmā who is in a situation you might have already navigated.

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